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Ryan received a BA in Music from Minnesota State University, Moorhead and studied recording engineering/audio production.  He has recorded multiple full length albums including studio and live projects.  Many bands, solo artists, and even voice-overs have used KCS Sound Studio to make their demos and EPs.

My recording philosophy is simple: I believe in the quality of the source or in the input (i.e. the player).  How do you record great vocals, drums, or guitar?  Recording a great drummer or singer (the source) is how you get great sounds.  Any recording program or microphone is there to only "grab" what goes into them.  Be rehearsed and prepared and also know your instrument and you will get a good recording with KCS. 

I am also a teacher in Collier County Public Schools.  Every year, I show the 6th grade students in my school how the recording process works.  They have a blast and the second video on the website has some students from the school singing on an original composition. 

Ryan Sickels